Student Welfare

At SCEI, we understand the enormous pressure some students will face during their studies. The two most common problems students face are academic and emotional pressures particularly international students living away from the comforts of their own home, family and friends.

SCEI has policies and procedures in place to support domestic and international students. Apart from the excellent support of trainers and administration staff, dedicated full-time Student Welfare Officers are available to support the students, and counselling is confidential and free.

There are many professional support services available for students at our Melbourne and Adelaide campuses including:

  • Academic support and advice
  • Medical/health support
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Financial assistance/Centrelink
  • Legal advice

Local city Councils (Melbourne and Adelaide) also provide international students with many free social networking events, giving them the opportunity to meet local industry experts and other students.

SCEI Student Welfare Officers in collaboration with our trainers assist all students with study related issues. This may include study skills, time management, exam preparation, students with special needs, inspiration and stress management.

Academic Support

SCEI is committed to ensuring equity in education by helping students who have specific learning difficulties and/or disabilities gain their qualification. SCEI assists students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and understandings which will enable them to participate as learners at SCEI.

We respect and respond to those with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or impairments and will offer them the same rights and opportunities as other students who do not have special needs. This will include the opportunity to perform and complete assessments by reasonable adjustments. This may include modifying the learning environment or making changes to the teaching methods.

Discussions and planning for students with disabilities, learning difficulties and special needs will begin immediately from the point of enrolment. Strategies put in place to support students are regularly monitored during the student’s course of study.

For more information, contact your nominated Course Coordinator

Language Support

For students with limited English language proficiency skills who are studying at SCEI, it is highly recommended they first complete the English as an Additional Language (EAL) certificate course. There are four certification levels on offer.

These courses are designed for students to develop general English language and literacy skills so they can participate effectively in the Australian community. It will assist the student in subsequent courses, not only through speech but also writing and will give them the understanding of what is required of them to achieve completion.

Students undertaking the English as an Additional Language course will gain an understanding of opportunities, rights and responsibilities of living in Australia as well as skills and knowledge for undertaking employment during their time in Australia.

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