Southern Cross Education Institute (SCEI) is a privately owned and operated Vocational and Educational Training provider delivering nationally recognised qualifications across Australia to local and international students.


Since its inception in 2007, SCEI has successfully delivered high quality education and training to thousands of students from around the world. We are proud to offer both local and international students, the best opportunities available in ensuring they receive the ultimate education and training experience.

Through the efforts of our dedicated and talented staff, our Institute has established itself as a progressive and successful centre of vocational education. We enjoy a growing reputation as the Institute for enterprise, community, employment and opportunity. Our successes serve further to fuel our ambition as we increase our services to societies both locally and nationally.

Whether you are studying a vocational qualification or secondary education course, our Institute combines a fun interactive atmosphere supplemented by an energetic method of teaching. All training incorporates a one on one individual approach to meet the needs and skill level of each student. Our range of courses is comprehensive to meet the workforce and service needs of our community. Short seminars and certificate courses such as first aid are delivered frequently to local students, businesses and family members wishing to broaden their knowledge when time is limited.

Our international students will not only take home an Australian qualification recognised worldwide but also experience a country that is diverse in culture, population, climate, geography and history. Australia’s diversity, democracy and strong competitive economy provide a wealth of job placement opportunities upon graduation from Southern Cross Education Institute.



To be regarded by stakeholders as a respected, ethical, innovative and sustainable national quality provider of education and training.

Our mission is to deliver education by using innovative approaches in a supportive environment. To equip our students with knowledge and practical skills that enable them to be an active member of the wider community and future leaders in their chosen field.