Student Work Placement

Students studying health and community courses require, as part of the course, professional experience with a host employer applicable to the sector in which students are studying. For example:

A student studying an aged care course will require work placement at a residential aged care facility. A student studying pathology will require work placement at a pathology collection centre within a hospital or privately operated collection centre.

A number of courses require students to acquire skills and knowledge within a simulated work environment and SCEI has invested heavily to create simulation environments to enable the student to undertake practical experience on campus.

With the effective use of the simulation learning environments, students can develop an awareness of the performance expected within the industry. Students are encouraged and supported to organise their own work placement for their applicable course, however, SCEI does have work placement officers who can assist with a number of placement options.

Consultation with industry professionals is ongoing and SCEI has developed and continues to establish a vast network of partnerships with Health and Community Services organisations. Consultation with our industry partners further ensures that the curriculum and simulated learning environments provide current and relevant industry practices for our students assuring them employment ready.

Future Employment

The ultimate aim of completing your Certificate or Diploma is to enhance your opportunity of gaining employment or improving your employment prospects. During your studies, opportunities for discussions relating to careers and career counselling will take place, and your trainer and Student Welfare Officer will be there to assist you in every possible way.

It is always important to know where you are going, and career planning is a must. Know your goals and direction, identify your interests and values relating to career choice and work out a strategy. Students who have planned further studies will be provided with TAFE and University advice and VTAC assistance.

(International students note that VISA conditions of work apply-this can be discussed with SCEI’s administration officers, Student Welfare Officers or contact Department of Immigration and Border Protection)

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