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Business qualifications tend to complement each other and the demand for more knowledgeable professionals in these sectors is increasing. By gaining a Certificate and/or Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, the student will gain an edge in a very competitive market.


Our highly skilled trainers understand the market and what pressures people employed within these fields to face and they are extremely competent in not only delivering the qualification but also helping prepare the student for the business and finance world.


By achieving a qualification in Business, the student is ready to move into employment and/or may choose to use the qualification as a pathway to higher education.

Diploma of Project Management

Advanced Diploma of Project Management


The community services sector continues to be one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing employers. Occupations such as early childhood educators, aged care workers and disability support workers have experienced strong growth and this growth is expected to increase to meet community service demands and changes to service delivery models within these sectors.


Our Certificate III to Diploma courses in these occupational fields incorporate a work placement component ensuring the student has the skills, knowledge and competencies required for immediate employment and/or entry into pathway courses.

Certificate III in Individual Support

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Certificate IV in Disability

Diploma of Community Services

Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care

Advanced Diploma of Community
Sector Management


The health sector continues to be one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing employers. Occupations such as health services assistants, massage therapists and pathology collectors are in high demand to adequately meet community expectations and service delivery requirements. Our Certificate III to Diploma qualifications equip the student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes in their chosen field to immediately enter the workforce and contribute as an effective employee.


Our health courses have been designed to make use of the skills laboratory, SCEI massage clinic and compulsory work placement component to ensure students develop and are assessed on skills and knowledge as they apply to realistic situations.

Certificate III in Pathology Collection

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Diploma of Nursing


Today’s industry of information and communications technology has to be second to none when it comes to the demand of consumers. We live in a world whereby changes occur in technology on a daily basis and where strong practical abilities combined with vast knowledge and analytical expertise is expected in today’s work environments whether they are large or small.


From Diploma to Advanced Diploma, the student will be provided with the skills and knowledge to administer and manage information and communications technology, process improvement and business skills so as to enable effectiveness in mid stream and senior ICT roles across all levels of business.

Diploma of Information Technology

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

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