Natasha Carfi

Program Coordinator - VIC

Natasha commenced her Nursing journey in 2011 with a Graduate Program at Epworth Freemasons – rotating through General Medical/ Surgical, Orthopaedics, Oncology, and Palliative care. She then went into Primary Health Care as a Community Nurse in which she has been working for the past nine years. 

In 2014, Natasha made the move to the Northern Territory where she worked in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for eighteen months, focusing on immunisation catch ups and running educational events. This was where Natasha also developed a love for sexual health and wellbeing, deciding to undertake a sexual health course on Pap Smears and Implanon insertions so she could support the communities further. 

Natasha has a strong passion and dedication to the education, training and development of high quality healthcare professionals. She achieves this through continuing education and professional development, maintenance of current skills and the acquisition of new abilities to continuously be at the forefront of the Nursing sector. With a Masters in Applied Management (Nursing) and equipped with a range of Educational qualifications (Diploma of Vocational Education, Training and Training Design and Development), Natasha’s strength lies in her ability to effectively manage and coordinate the Nursing department at SCEI.  

Outside of nursing, Natasha has a love for Ballroom/Latin dancing, playing tennis and singing.

Yvette Williams

Nursing Coordinator - SA

Yvette began her career in the field of Nursing as an Aged Care worker. After working nearly five years in this field, she decided to return to studies to further her knowledge and career. Yvette has completed a Bachelor of Nursing with University of South Australia (UNISA) and has had exposure to the acute care sector working in a variety of areas from Medical, Recovery, Orthopedics, Surgical, and Emergency. She enjoyed working in emergency so much that Yvette went back to study to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing.   

After working and supporting many students throughout a steadfast career as a Clinical Facilitator for both, in the field, and for Flinders University of South Australia (FUSA), Yvette set her sights on the VET sector and has held a Course Coordinator role within Health programs for over seven years. 

Yvette recently joined the SCEI team after completing her Masters in Public Health and is very excited at the future prospects with SCEI for the opportunities provided to existing and future Nursing cohorts. She plans to return to study later this year to complete a PhD, however in the meantime you will find her supporting her students as they embark on their learning journey at our Adelaide campus.

Yvette’s main objective is to become the best version of herself in a career that she describes “spans a lifetime, and is so rewarding”.

Sarah Forbes

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Sarah commenced her graduate Nursing career in Emergency at Maroondah Hospital. She loves the fast paced and constantly changing environment of the day to day life of a Nurse. Sarah describes her experience as an extremely fortunate one, to spend both six month rotations in the emergency department, which can develop one’s nursing skills very quickly due to its expectations and demands. After her graduate year, Sarah decided to work within Royal Children’s Hospital in Cardiothoracics and Renal. She loves working with children however realised that she was much better suited to emergency. The passion and firsthand experience within this sector influenced Sarah to study a Graduate Diploma of Paramedicine, where she went on to work at Knox Private in emergency. 

Sarah describes herself as always having a passion for training. She has taught first aid courses voluntarily since she was twenty years of age. Deciding to merge her love of training and nursing knowledge, Sarah joined the SCEI Diploma of Nursing team in 2021. 

Priyanka Rai

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Priyanka’s Nursing career began in 2016 after completing a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing from India. She has trained and worked in a private Hospital working across all departments. Priyanka has always thrived to learn something new every day in nursing techniques or advancements and loves to share this with Nursing colleagues and students.   

A passion to acquire knowledge and further studies, Priyanka moved to Australia in 2017. Looking forward to gaining registration, she commenced her education, which helped her cross the bridge of the knowledge in between two countries having learnt technologies amongst a multicultural, diverse society. While living in Sydney, Priyanka was trained in Sydney private hospital across many wards. After registration, she started working in the Aged Care sector which she has described as a great, fulfilling experience. 

Once the pandemic hit, Priyanka commenced her TAE certificate as was always interested in updating and sharing her knowledge with the world. The inclination towards teaching grew over the years through educating teams on different topics and becoming the infection control representative at her workplace. Priyanka has also efficiently conducted research during the period of working with Covid-19 positive patients.

Priyanka has a wealth of experience working in a hospital where her skills for medical practice is continuously sharpened. She has gained experience working in all healthcare settings, including a medical centre, which broadened her horizon of knowledge, which has led her to start a post-graduation course in Diabetes education. “To gain as much knowledge as she can every day” is her motto. The dedication to teach and an awakened passion for nursing came together once she started working as a Trainer and Assessor/ Nurse Educator with SCEI in 2021. 
With a love of reading, badminton, and dancing, Priyanka loves creativity, learning new skills each day, and is a self-described foodie by heart!

Ruth Muchanyorei Ngadziore

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Ruth commenced her Nursing journey as soon as she graduated from high school in the late 1970s. She started at the Enrolled nurse level, and went on to practice nursing during the war which was a great challenge. Ruth studied midwifery in regional areas for two years then went to the capital city to complete yet another three years of registered nurse training. She has never lived in the city so this was another challenging aspect in her career. 

Ruth has a wealth of experience working with large numbers of patients who come from immunisation and antenatal care, as well as caring for minor ailments within the community. Always seeking a challenge, Ruth noticed that there was a shortage of Mental Health nurses and completed her training as a mental health nurse. Upon completion, Ruth progressed onto an Endorsed Enrolled Nursing role for close to twelve years before studying nursing education. Ruth went on to train Registered Nurses in Zimbabwe since the year 2000.

Equipped with a culmination of experiences, Ruth’s ever growing passion for teaching the practice of nursing, both in the classroom and in the clinical area, brought her to move to Australia in 2008, where she has worked in oncology for three years before completing a certificate of Training and Assessment. Ruth has a love for simulation learning and teaching, and highlights that there is great potential in every student. Whilst on the ward, she is a constant nurse buddy, providing support and guidance to her less experienced colleagues within Medical Surgical, Palliative, Outpatient services, and Aged Care.

Bradleigh Trotter

Trainer & Assessor - SA

Bradleigh’s Nursing career commenced in 2008 when he first completed an Enrolled Nurse Cadetship at the Ceduna District Health Service. Thereafter, Brad enrolled into an EN Diploma in 2012 through TAFE SA in Whyalla. Having successfully completed the Diploma and discovering the aspect of progressing his Nursing career and expertise, Brad pursued further study and completed his Bachelor of Nursing through UniSA in 2015. With further study on the horizon, Bradleigh completed his GradDipN (ICU) and completed extensive research through University of Adelaide in 2018, and is currently studying a Masters of Nursing Science at CDU. 

Bradleigh has worked in many areas within nursing, including Children’s Services, SA Ambulance Service, Rural and Remote Health, Occupational Health, Emergency, and Intensive Care. With experience teaching Certificate III in Pathology collection, Certificate III in Individual Support, and Diploma of Nursing, Bradleigh has joined SCEI as a Trainer & Assessor for our Nursing sector.

Bradleigh’s overall passion is to pursue a challenging career that marries both passions of teaching students and working within hospital settings. He has commented that “one of the best things about being a Nursing Trainer and Assessor is that it provides a great work life balance”, which allows him to volunteer his time for several charities relating to environmental stability, fauna rescue, and revegetation of parks, creeks and lands. 

Nadia-Ramona Todoran

Trainer & Assessor - SA

Nadia-Ramona began her career in the field of Nursing as a Registered Nurse over 25 years ago. Her extensive experience has been obtained by working both overseas and in Australia. Throughout her nursing career, Nadia-Ramona has had exposure to a variety of specialities such as, Medical, Practice Nursing, Rehabilitation, Aged Care, Fertility/Reproductive, and Visa Medical Services.

Since graduating as a Registered Nurse, Nadia-Ramona has completed post graduate courses in Training and Assessment, Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Health Behaviour Change, Genetics and Health Coaching. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Integrative Medicine.

With a love of sharing professional knowledge and teaching being a lifelong dream, Nadia-Ramona reflects on the opportunity with SCEI as a “dream come true” to receive an incredible opportunity to train future Nurses to become the best professionals in their chosen field. She is deeply committed to ongoing professional education and development at the highest level to ensure continuing, outstanding student education and patient care.

In her spare time, Nadia-Ramona loves spending quality time with her family, reading, traveling and volunteering with her local community.

Cynthia Taplin

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Cynthia has been a Registered Nurse since 1995, with a strong interest and passion specialising in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU). Coupled with a qualification of Training and Assessment, Cynthia has worked with SCEI since 2019 in various roles as a Trainer & Assessor, and National Nursing Manager, managing Enrolled Nurse courses and overseeing an NICU environment.

Cynthia is committed to ensuring a safe, inclusive, interactive and fun learning environment that aims to support nursing students to be safe, compassionate and knowledgeable Nurses. Cynthia also loves developing a multidimensional curriculum to ensure that every student can develop their nursing skills and knowledge using their own strengths, beliefs and learning styles. 

Asha Shrestha

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Asha commenced her Nursing career within Medical/ Surgical and Mental Health care. She is currently pursuing further study in a Post Graduate Degree in Mental Health Nursing. Asha has always been inspired to become a Trainer and Assessor since the beginning of her career and displays enthusiasm to support our Diploma of Nursing students at SCEI throughout their learning journeys. A strong motivating factor for Asha is to impart her knowledge and skills to future generations joining the healthcare workforce.

Whilst studying, Asha was continuously encouraged by professionals in the field to enhance her career prospects and was inspired by her Educators and Tutors at University to join an organisation in this line of work. She is committed to updating her Nursing skill set through attendance of workshops, seminars and CPD courses.

Stella Manoj

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Stella’s Nursing career began after graduating with a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, then progressing further to complete a Bachelor of Nursing in 2010. She has excellent knowledge of Aged Care, Acute, and Sub-acute settings, as well as experience working with rural communities in Australia. Stella is passionate about the job outcomes for students who seek a career in nursing and brings across a Masters in Nursing Science and a certificate of Training and Assessment to further support her students throughout their learning journey.  

Stella’s focus is on evidence-based practice and student-centred learning and is very much looking forward to welcoming her current cohort of students, and future cohorts of students interested in enrolling into a fulfilling Diploma of Nursing course at SCEI.

Mandeep Kaur

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Mandeep commenced her journey in Nursing in 2006 as a student, and completed her studies overseas in India by 2010. Post-graduation, Mandeep has been working in the field for over eleven years where she is working in industry as well as educating students seeking out career opportunities.

Mandeep has strong capability in clearing international exams in USA and Canada, such as NECLEX, supporting students who go on to work in different countries. It is a great privilege of Mandeep’s to continue her mentorship, as teaching and imparting knowledge is her passion. She is pursuing a masters in Mental Health Nursing and has further interest in research and Forensic developments.

Janan Karabulut

Course Coordinator - VIC

Janan is profoundly experienced in the field of community services, where she has worked for many years as a mentor for youth, and a community advocate for family violence and justice. She is a qualified Mental Health and First Aid Trainer. She has three years at SCEI delivering the Diploma of Community Services as a Trainer and Assessor, with which she has grown with the organisation, taking on a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate her leadership capability as a Course Coordinator.  

Janan’s approach is to be caring and compassionate in her work and in life. She loves making a difference in the lives of staff and students at our institute. She can be described as positive, dedicated, and passionate about her role in educating future community workers. Her ideal is to “never give up on doing the best everyday for the happiness and success of all students and staff”. 

Janan is open-minded, patient and supportive towards other people, especially towards her students. She brings outstanding knowledge and professionalism, has vast educational and professional experience within the fields of Law and Justice. She brings a wealth of knowledge to support her students and prepare them for the next stage of their lives.

Martin Elepans

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Martin began working for the Government as a Disability Officer in 1988, experiencing and adapting to the ongoing changes within the industry which spans across twenty seven years.

Martin trains and assesses students seeking to acquire a Community Services Diploma at SCEI. He describes the Diploma as having some very interesting units of study, which Martin summarises as the theories surrounding more sociological philosophical elements at the core of students’ learning.

Martin seeks to deliver a pragmatic approach for students who are, or are wishing to work, within the Social/Community Services sector in Australia, taking into consideration the valuable insights and experiences of the students themselves.

In his spare time, Martin is a passionate musician, and holds a strong interest and experience in music/video production. He enjoys food and the excitement of experiencing different cuisines.

Sharon Jupp

Trainer & Assessor - SA

Sharon holds strong experience with multiple Community Services roles as a Coordinator, Trainer, and Case Manager, including training in Adult Community Education, and promoting language literacy and numeracy skills amongst the local community and afar. 

Sharon has been awarded for Educator of the year from industry peers, and chose to join SCEI in 2019 to further her passion for teaching, continue her support of students in achieving their personal and professional goals, as well as promoting self-sustainability which can come from involvement in lifelong learning.

Russell Miles

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Russell was raised in Melbourne and has held a long-term career in Victorian State Child Protection Services. He has experience working in Community Services in North East Pilbara, is a strong advocate for Mental Health, and currently volunteers as an Ambulance Officer, along with training youth work and community services students. Russell is qualified with a Bachelor of Arts (Youth Affairs), Graduate Diploma of Economics, and Diploma in Information Technology from Melbourne Polytechnic. Throughout his personal journey, Russell discovered a passion for writing, which has led him to publish short stories, articles about economics, public welfare, and history. Moreover, Russell has accomplished a goal in life to publish his comic Novel titled, ‘Bloke Raising Boys’.

Barbara Lawner

Trainer & Assessor - SA

Fernando Lopez

Course Coordinator - National

Fernando operates with mutual respect, love, and care. He has a direct involvement in the leadership of productive teams with safety, effectiveness and efficiency, in line with the training and preparation of the workforce at SCEI. Fernando is consistent in maintaining a strong focus in the inclusion of those less privileged and vulnerable in society, where he has supported employment for the homeless, the long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, and elderly people beyond retirement.

Fernando’s passion for working with people with disabilities and the elderly; their families, friends and carers, is highlighted in his support, leadership and coordinating roles which has led him to understand their capacities and needs, goals and limitations, dreams and their achievements. He has described meeting a wide range of people throughout his thirty five years in the industry, and has come across memorable and wonderful support workers, coordinators, managers and advocates.

Having held multiple roles in several RTOs, Fernando has been a Trainer & Assessor in the classroom, at workplaces, as well as online to support the learning and development of Coordination and Management/ Leadership teams, Work Placement Officers, RTO Compliance Officers, Student Administration and Welfare Support Officers.

With over ten years working with the team at SCEI, Fernando’s steadfast approach ensures that the roles allocated to him are completed to the highest quality standards. His belief is that “all students, support staff, Trainers & Assessors, and stakeholders, deserve to enjoy an enriching and rewarding learning and working experience at the best RTO in Australia”.

Susan Readman

Trainer & Assessor (Disability) - VIC

Sue has worked as a Disability Support Worker for over twenty years and is motivated by the scope of employment options for those interested in a career within disability. Employment outcomes vary as people with disabilities need support in all aspects of their lives. Sue’s experience includes working in setting such as, residential houses – part of a team to assist people to live in their own houses; day services for adults – services that run each weekday offering education and training options; holiday camps for children – week long beach or bush camps; weekends away for adults – assisting people to have short breaks away; employment support – orientating people as they start their new jobs; individualised support – 1:1 support in the home and community; management role – for disability service combining individualised services and day services. 

After years of experience, Sue obtained her Training qualification and has spent the last seven years educating the next generation of Disability Support workers. This is an area that Sue is very passionate about and passes on to her students the importance of giving the best possible support to each and every person.

Currently Sue is educating students at SCEI whilst working directly with people with disabilities in an individualised support capacity.

Sherwin Castillo

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Sherwin commenced work as an Aged Care worker many years ago. Being a current Trainer, Sherwin has described his career within training and assessment as enjoyable, absorbing a lot of the experience. He went further to develop himself and now loves sharing his experiences, the expectations and reality of a role within the industry. 

Sherwin has a strong passion for teaching and customer service, wanting his students to enjoy this wonderful course as they pursue careers as sound and safe Aged Care students and workers in what can be described as a culturally diverse industry. His advice is to keep challenging yourself, try different things that you enjoy in life and most of all, be proactive. 

Helen Gordon

Trainer & Assessor (Disability) - VIC

Helen has worked at SCEI since 2019 teaching the Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support. Having worked in Aged Care for forty years as a PCA and as a Team Leader, as well as Nurse in charge, Helen’s wealth of experience stems from overseeing Aged Care facilities as the Director of Nursing for ten years each, operating across Queensland and Melbourne. She has been teaching for fifteen years and has a strong passion and love for training students. Growing up, Helen was in the military for five years serving with the British Nurse core and absolutely adored the opportunity. 

Lisa Brook

Trainer & Assessor (Ageing Support) - VIC

Lisa has worked extensively within the Aged Care Industry for over two decades. A Registered Nurse by trade, Lisa has a passion for caring for the elderly. This was developed through a love of listening to their life stories and how they grew up. With a strong motivating factor to impart her experience, knowledge and skills onto the current and next generation of Aged Care workers, Lisa pursued her teaching with SCEI in 2018 where she worked ever since, describing how fortunate she has been in acquiring her first Trainer & Assessor role with Southern Cross Education Institute.  

With a core belief that her experiences in managing and handling real life scenarios within the workplace can bring a whole new dimension to working in Aged Care. For Lisa, a support role has “opened my eyes to a whole new level of ageing”, further describing that “Aged Care is a wonderful and rewarding profession to be in and I thoroughly enjoy what I do”. Complementing her Trainer role with SCEI, Lisa is a Clinical Nurse at a nursing home and is enthusiastic in mentoring both carers and students.

Huan Tran

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Dr. Huan Tran, Osteopath, commenced his Trainer & Assessor role with SCEI in 2021. Huan is an extremely dedicated and skilled manual medicine practitioner who has gained qualifications in the areas of Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Pilates, Fitness, Kinesiology, Counterstrain and Remedial Massage Therapy. He has completed various education courses, both here in Australia and the US, to continue his skillset and up to date knowledge and practices within each of the respective fields. Furthermore, Dr. Huan has taught myotherapy and anatomy at several TAFE and registered training organisations. He is fully qualified and is registered with AHPRA.

Derek Chen

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Derek is an experienced Myotherapist, as well as an accredited Remedial Massage Therapist, who has worked in his own private practice for more than five years in Tasmania. His interest in massage studies, sports massage and remedial massage, grew in 2015 whilst studying for a Masters Degree in Medical Science and a Diploma in Remedial Massage. He also holds a Certificate of Training and Assessment and is extremely passionate in educating students interested in pursuing a career within the sector. 

Derek volunteers as a Medic Therapist at local football clubs, DOSA rooster team of North Hobart, Tasmania, and has been working with them, providing care to their players, since 2019. Derek has a special interest in natural therapy, sports massage and pharmacy intervention. Other further professional development has been centred around pain management, neuro-plasticity and functional movement. He is registered with Massage and Myotherapy Australia, Worksafe Australia, and St Johns NEPT training program, which allows him to continually participate in workshops and related online discussion forums to further his knowledge.

Currently teaching practical subjects within the Diploma of Remedial Massage at SCEI, Derek creates a relaxed and inclusive environment which fosters an exceptional learning experience for every student from a diverse cultural background. He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with his students and being part of their journey toward their shared goal of being the best Therapists in the Massage industry.

Jo Papa

Trainer & Assessor - SA

Jojo is a dedicated, ambitious and qualified Early Childhood Educator with extensive expertise in overseeing every aspect within the Children’s Services profession. With over thirty years of experience in the field, Jojo has also held positions with other RTOs as the role of Trainer and Assessor where she has facilitated subjects in Children’s Education and Care workgroups. 

Jojo is an accomplished and multi-skilled Graphic Designer who has held many positions in this profession. She brings across a multi-versed set of professional skills that often overlap to all of the varied positions that she has gained experience in. Jojo’s key strengths lie in strategic planning, group facilitation, and childcare/OSHC program development and participation. She is very adaptable and display an infectious enthusiastic nature. She has a proven track record in being student focused while engaging students in fun and interactive learning environments. As a passionate and reliable individual, Jojo takes the utmost pride in everything that she commits to, producing outstanding results.

Carolyn Cullinan

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Carolyn has an old love for volunteering as a Cleaner, Cook and Educator and has held experience working as a Coordinator for a family Day care service. When she first began learning the Certificate III to Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, Carolyn was raising a family. Upon completion of her studies, she commenced work within the community and local councils. Thereafter, Carolyn moved to a community in Melbourne, where she currently runs the three years old group, parenting group, occasional care and Vocational programs whilst also being a long-term Trainer & Assessor at SCEI educating future generations interested in career opportunities within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

Sonali Nandwani

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Sonali is a committed, ambitious and qualified Early Childhood teacher. Having taught at various levels, from Master to Certificates courses, Sonali has gathered her teaching experience from renowned institutions, namely, Swinburne University, RMIT University and Holmesglen. Presently, Sonali is working in the Early Childhood industry and brings ‘real-world’ industry experience into her teaching practice. With plans to pursue her PhD in Early Childhood and combine a communication design background as part of her research. 

Sonali is a passionate teacher who supports her students and brings out the best of their abilities.

Punam Bhargava

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Punam has a solid background in Childcare spanning thirteen years. This is highlighted through her love of developing curriculum, creating simulation environments, and incorporating diverse and hands-on materials relevant to the current reality of day to day operations within a child care centre. 

With exceptional interpersonal skills and an engaging and welcoming nature, Punam consistently strives to include a variety of methodologies, approaches and techniques to enhance her student’s learning. She is qualified with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and believes in operating with utmost professionalism, honesty, and high level of integrity when dealing with parents, children, and fellow staff.

Roseanne Spinelli

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Roseanne is a Diploma qualified Educator with fifteen years experience in the Early Childhood Education sector, where she has gained experience as a Coordinator at OSHclub, developing programming documentation systems, and providing engaging and nurturing programs to children. Roseanne is passionate about early childhood education focusing on the holistic development of each child, and is adept at developing rich and meaningful documentation which allows educators to scaffold children’s learning journeys. 

Roseanne was inspired to become a Trainer & Assessor to support new educators as they embark on their careers in the industry. 

Robyn Schubert

Trainer & Assessor - VIC

Robyn is a motivated, passionate, and personable business professional with many years of experience working within the Project Management industry. Building extensive experience in both the Public and Private sectors, Robyn has strong capability in applying this knowledge, drive and dedication toward her training, with a focus on individual outcomes. 

Robyn strives and succeeds at bringing positive leadership qualities, has experience in the coordination of teams and the development of individuals. She provides innovation in both her delivery and development of high quality lessons to grow student’s knowledge and understanding of project management and how this can apply to the skills and qualifications already held.

Ursula May

Trainer & Assessor - Cert III in Pathology collection

Ursula has a wealth of experience within the Health Science field, including Midwifery, Perioperative, Pathology Collection, including Phlebotomy and blood sample/ cord collection, and working as a Research Assistant at The Florey Institute. Her career began in Europe when she studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Midwifery in 1986, pursuing further study in 1990 with a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy-Counselling. Seeking new horizons, Ursula migrated to New Zealand in 2003 and continued working within the Health sector before deciding to relocate to Melbourne in 2012.

Ursula prides herself in her ability to relate to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She has many talents, one of which is being trilingual in English, Polish, and Russian. She is an effective communicator, demonstrating patience and empathy to individuals who are not native English speakers. Ursula is caring, compassionate, and demonstrates best practice to students under her care. In that regard, she is an extremely positive role model and mentor. 

Joining SCEI in 2020, Ursula is motivated to maintain her own continuous professional development and keep abreast of new developments in the Pathology, Phlebotomy, and Midwifery fields. She is an effective teacher with a certificate IV in Training and Assessment who applies a high level of attention to detail to her work and expects the same from her students. Ursula enjoys creating an environment which is conducive to learning and she adapts her teaching style to meet the individual learning needs of the students. Previous students have commented on Ursula’s commitment and motivation in supporting them in becoming highly skilled practitioners. 

Hannah Delorenzis

Trainer & Assessor - Cert III in Pathology collection

Hannah has worked for Melbourne Pathology at Epworth Hospital as a Phlebotomist and will be celebrating her ten year anniversary soon. Over the years, she has gained competencies in Arterial Blood Gases, Urinary Drug Screens, Bone Marrow Biopsy, Electrocardiographs, and more recently, COVID testing. 

Hannah’s wealth of experience and leadership expertise has seen her manage teams on multiple occasions at Epworth, as well as working on the frontline with her COVID team throughout the recent pandemic in 2020. She has worked as a Trainer and Assessor for multiple organisations in Melbourne over a four year period, and is an invaluable member of the SCEI team where Hannah has worked for the last three years teaching the Certificate III in Pathology Collection, as well as supporting with teaching First Aid alongside the work placement team. 

In her spare time, Hannah plays high league soccer, enjoys adventuring, and socialising with friends and family over the weekend

Kimberley Hawkins

Trainer & Assessor - Cert III in Pathology collection

Kimberley has spent her career dedicated to work within the Healthcare industry. Having worked in various fields of dentistry as an assistant, Kimberley decided to pursue study in Pathology Collection and has enjoyed gaining experience in various collection centres and hospitals all over Melbourne. For the past five years, she has been employed at Epworth Hospital where Kimberley has excelled in various competencies such as Autologous Blood Collection, Arterial Blood Gases, Bone Marrow Biopsies, managing the Coagulation Clinic and more. 

Joining SCEI in January 2021, Kimberley brings across a wealth of experience and passion for pathology that lead her to begin a career in Training and Assessment. She has become an asset to the students and fellow staff looking to gain further insight into a career within pathology collection through effectively communicating the expectations and life skills involved in a role within the industry. 

In her spare time, Kimberley enjoys playing guitar and piano, swimming, reading, and socialising.

Dilip Panchal

Trainer & Assessor - Cert III in Pathology collection

Dilip works within the Pathology division at St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he has gained the opportunity over the past eleven years servicing the Northern and Western Suburbs of Melbourne through pathology collection centres and supporting the community through home visits. 

Dilip describes having a keen interest in teaching which led him to pursue a career as a Trainer & Assessor with SCEI after completing a Training and Assessment certificate. 

With a passion for his work, coupled with an honest and caring nature, Dilip ensures that all patients are comfortable especially when it comes to blood and understanding of the process involved. 

In his free time, Dilip enjoys listening to music, going for a walk, and reading. He loves photography and has described himself as an amateur photographer.

Furqan Ahmed

Trainer & Assessor - Cert III in Pathology collection

Furqan is a dedicated Educator and Trainer in both Medical and Allied Health. With a career spanning ten years teaching in the areas of dentistry, paramedics and biomedical engineering, Furqan has a Bachelor of Medicine and has recently completed a Certificate III in Pathology collection, working as a Phlebotomist with a leading Pathology clinic based in Adelaide. 

Teaching, as described by Furqan, is his lifelong passion. Having completed a Certificate in Training and Assessment in recent times, Furqan is looking forward to “transferring knowledge and skills to the community for a better future outcome”.

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