Tara Demarest

Student Welfare Officer

Tara is an EAL (English as an Additional Language) trainer by trade and enjoys helping students achieve their educational and social goals. With a Master’s of TESOL from The University of Melbourne, she is adept at helping students get the most out of their studies and is always open to a conversation about student concerns. She has experience of working in a community center and enjoys providing people assistance and service.

Suzana Miranda

Student Welfare Officer

Suzana has a background in Business Administration, working as a Secretary for six years where she has supported at CEO and CFO level for multinational companies in her home country of Brazil. With a goal of improving her English skills and finding better job opportunities, Suzana decided to come to Australia and study English for six months. Much like everyone else, Suzana fell in love with this country and decided to build her life here. She has lived in Australia for seven years now where she has worked as a Student Support Services Officer in an English school for international students. It was within this role that Suzana grew her love for working with students and helping them to achieve their goals. 

Reflecting on once being a student herself, Suzana has a strong understanding, empathy and an affinity with the difficulties of this path, however, equally the beauty of an adventure and exploring further learning and development. Since joining SCEI in 2021, Suzana looks forward to meeting her students and providing them with the care and support required to progress them through their studies. 

Outside of work, Suzana has a passion for music, movies, meaningful conversations, exchange of experiences, and giving and receiving good advice.

Jake Franklin

Student Welfare Officer

Jake has been working in education since 2019, including both teaching and support roles. His background is in Psychology, having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) in 2016 and Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the Australian Catholic University in 2017. Jake has also recently completed a Master of Applied Science from La Trobe University, where he taught undergraduate Psychology for three years.

Jake loves supporting others and enriching their lives through outreach and education, and has held several volunteer roles such as outreach for Thorne Harbour Health and as a community radio presenter for JOY 94.9. His passion is helping students on finding the career path that suits them best, providing resources and information for support, and showing students how to reflect on their experiences and strengths.

Jake is available for online consultations, meetings on-campus in Melbourne, and telephone calls to help guide and inform students about their studies and career paths. 

Yushu Zhang

Student Welfare Officer

Yushu completed a Masters’ Degree in Social Work at Flinders University in 2016, which coincided with an opportunity to work as a volunteer with SCEI at our Adelaide Campus. Through successfully volunteering, Yushu progressed into employment with SCEI as a Student Welfare Officer thereafter. With an international student background, Yushu has strong empathy and connection with those who are facing a new environment, where she is capable of advocating the importance of student wellbeing and helping others get through challenging times. 

Yushu is available for general counseling, zoom meetings, and informal telephone catch ups to help students to follow their study plan, be involved in Australian culturẹ, and reduce their feeling of uncertainty, especially since the pandemic in 2020. 

On a personal note, Yushu is an animal lover, who participated in the “Doctor Dog” project, where she visited special schools and Aged Care facilities, with gentle-natured dogs, as an adjunct to care services. Yushu also adopted a cat in 2018 who is a much loved member of her family.

Aki Caddy

Student Welfare Officer

Aki has gained sound experience as an Admissions Officer, where she commenced her career in the Education sector while living in Japan. She has a knack for engaging with students from all over the world, to promote earning a degree in Japan, while enjoying the tourism opportunities within a culturally diverse and bountiful landscape.

Aki has described her passion to support students as “never fading away”, after moving to Adelaide, where she continues to enjoy supporting students who are seeking to further challenge themselves in achieving their dreams in Australia, and as such, is an invaluable member of our SCEI Student Welfare team.

Khaliah Marro

Student Welfare Officer

Khaliah is a Student Welfare Officer at SCEI Higher Education.
She commenced her role in the Education sector at University of South Australia Student Association in 2018, and has since relocated to Melbourne where she joined SCEI in 2021. Her love for working with students and helping them achieve their goals throughout their educational journey is highlighted through her passion in supporting students during challenging times and working with them to create a plan which leads to personal and professional success. When Khaliah is not working, she thoroughly enjoys cooking. Her next cooking attempt is to make a delicious bowl of homemade ramen!

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