Policies, Procedures and Forms

The following policies, procedures and forms are available for download. Please note that the document version is uncontrolled when printed.

PPO2 – Assessing Students Qualifications Experience and English Proficiency Policy and Procedure

PP03 – Student Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure

PP04 – Enrolment Process Policy and Procedure

PP05 – Refund Policy Procedure

PP07 – Younger Students Policy

PP08 – Critical Incident Policy and Procedure

PP09- Student Support Services Policy and Procedure 

PP10 – Transfer of Students between Providers Policy and Procedure

PP11 – Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

PP12 – Completion Within Expected Duration Policy

PP13 – Monitoring International Student Academic Progress Policy and Procedure

PP14 International Student Attendance Recording, Monitoring and Reporting Policy and Procedure

PP15 – Course Credit Policy and Procedure

PP16 – Deferring Suspending or Cancelling the Students Enrolment

PP27 Access and Equity Policy

PP30 – Certification Issuance Policy and Procedure

PP33 Accounts Receivable Policy and Procedure

PP38 – Transition Policy and Procedure

PP40  – Work Based Training and Assessment Policy and Procedure

PP51 – Monitoring Domestic Student Academic Progress

PP70 – ICT Use Policy and Procedure

PP71 – Bullying and Harassment Policy

PP73  – Reasonable Adjustment Policy

PP77 – Assessment Policy and Procedure

PP79 – Student Rules

PP80 – RPL Policy

PP83 – Student Registration with Professional Boards

PP96 – Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure 

PP97 – Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

PP99 – Student Misconduct Policy and Procedure

PP102 – Nursing Professional Practice Experience Policy and Procedure

FOR11 – Application for Refund

FOR25 Credit Transfer Application Form

FOR28 Change of Student Information Form

FOR29 Student Request Form

FOR37 Application to Transfer Campus

FOR82 Change of Course Request Form

FOR118 Application for extension of assessment due date

FOR202 Application for Work Placement

FOR225 Request for Release Letter

FOR230 Assessment Cover Sheet

FOR247 Online library request form

FOR267 Certificate Request Form