Sunita Tamang
Diploma of Nursing

I have loved nursing from an early age. Nursing is not just looking after a patient but taking the responsibility for someone’s life and gaining their trust which I don’t think is easy. Before joining SCEI, I was studying my Diploma of Health Science at Deakin University.A friend recommended SCEI to me. I chose SCEI as it is close to my house and it has a smaller class size. This helped teachers to give more attention to students. At SCEI I have learned skills to become a nurse and developed a lot of self-confidence.What I like best about the course is that it is only two days a week. This way I can study for two days and work rest of the week. I enjoyed our lab sessions, and we could practice as many times as we want until we are confident.

I am currently doing my Bachelors at ACU, this will help me achieve my dream to become a Registered Nurse.

Alexis O’Leary
Diploma of Nursing

Nursing was always something I wanted to pursue as I always wanted a career where I could help people. Nursing provides you with so many different options and pathways.
Prior to completing the Diploma of Nursing I completed the Certificate III in Aged Care at SCEI and was working in a wonderful aged care facility. I learnt a wide range of Nursing skills and theory during my time at SCEI, the most important lesson was on how to care for people holistically.
Having classes only two days a week made it easy for me to work, travel, spend time with my family and study. I enjoyed my time at my practical work placements and got the opportunity to work with a diverse workplace. I plan to continue my studies by going to University to complete my bachelor of Nursing.

Jessie Forth
Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)

I enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing programme because I have always had an interest in the healthcare sector. I was convinced Nursing is the right career pathway for me as I have always loved helping people. I was studying a university course before I commenced my course at SCEI. I was at a careers expo with my dad and came across the SCEI stall there and decided to hear what they had to say about the course and what SCEI had to offer. I thought it was right for me as it gave me the option to start doing something I was actually interested.

I learnt many things at SCEI but what I loved the most was that I was exposed to many different cultures in the classroom. I think having experienced trainers who were passionate definitely helped. I don’t think I would have learnt as much if they didn’t have the drive to make us the best nurses possible.

Zena Awad
Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)

I started my nursing program in October 2015. Before I started my nursing course I was a stay at home mum. I was searching nursing courses online when I came across SCEI and I was interested straight away. Classes were only a couple of days in a week which was very convenient for me as I have a large family. Flexible study helped me to achieve the right balance between family commitments and study. The best part of my learning experience at SCEI is the wonderful friends I made in and out of class. The teachers were very supportive when I required an extra push in the course. My future plan is to get into a graduate programme and hopefully work in palliative care.

Imafidon Osariemen Bosseds Morens
Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)

I enrolled into the Diploma of Nursing to change my career pathway from Banking and Finance to the Health sector. SCEI provided me with all the support I required to make this transition. I came across SCEI though a migration agent, I am so glad I got accepted at SCEI!

On my first day at SCEI I met with the manager who helped with my induction, she made me feel very welcome. As classes were only two days a week, I was able to plan my work and study around this timing.

SCEI also helped me manage my finances for the course fees by arranging a flexible payment plan. The multicultural environment helped me meet people from all walks of life. My future plan is to work as an Enrolled Division II Nurse for some time then study the Bachelor of Nursing.

Ashlea Rose
Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)

Prior to enrolling with SCEI, I was a stay at home mother of two children and a full-time carer for my dad. A friend of mine was a student at SCEI, she recommended their Nursing course to me, with lots of positive feedback about the trainers, the course outlay and the flexibility.

Trainers were friendly and always willing to go above and beyond for their students. The flexibility of two days in the class study per week allowed me to have a great family-study balance. The trainers and clinical placement coordinatorswere always there to support me, and help me to remain focused on the outcome when things became tough. Since completing my Diploma of Nursing at SCEI, I have now enrolled and been accepted into University to complete my Bachelor of Nursing in July.